How Trim Tabs Can Improve Your Boat Performance

For a long time, people assumed trim tabs were unnecessary and shouldn’t be placed on good boats. They believed that adding them was like admitting to a weakness in a hull but we know better now. Trim tabs can improve the performance of a good hull and give you a better boating experience. Newer boats [...]

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Improve Your Boat’s Fuel Efficiency and Performance

When people purchase sea boat, fuel-efficiency is on their mind; that’s because these water vehicles can be gas-guzzlers,under the wrong conditions.Many don’t realize that even the most fuel-efficient boats will consume excessive fuel if you don’t handle them properly. At Starlight Marine Services, we recommend the following tips to improve the fuel-efficiency of your boat. [...]

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Keypower Bow and Stern Thrusters installation by Starlight Marine Services

Starlight Marine Services provides very personal and professional installation, repair, and routine servicing. Committed to installations of bow thrusters and stern thrusters of the highest quality, we give prompt, professional service, utilizing our expertise based on years of experience—all while you get to save thousands of dollars in the process. We do mobile installations. Our [...]

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Reliable Marine Installation and Repair Services for Kobelt Bow and Stern Thrusters

Starlight Marine Services is a leading service provider in the installation, repair and maintenance of the hydraulics found on today's yachts. We understand the need for building reliable marine systems that can overcome the numerous challenges faced in the harsh environment. Therefore, we only use components that have been tested and proven, such as Kobelt [...]

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