Installation of Sea Star Bow and Stern Thrusters

Wesmar Bow and Stern ThrustersHaving your water vessel in open water gives you the freedom every seafarer longs for. This is because there is the open sea to conquer before you with little hindrance or obstacles to hinder you from giving your boat full throttle. When it comes to docking, though, or maneuvering around many obstacles your engine and standard steering installations put you at an unfair disadvantage; reason being they are not designed for making acute movements. When we install Sea Star bow and stern thrusters for you, we give you the power to maneuver around obstacles with great precision.

The Needed Experience
With years of experience working on marine craft, we have perfected the skill of installation and repair on marine vessels. When it comes to thrusters, we aim to give you the best in the industry and so use the Sea Star brand of bow and stern thrusters. We aim to give you that much-needed precision when you need to pack your boat or have to maneuver through a dock. You need thrusters that will help you avoid colliding with other vessels and obstacles. We offer you the skill you desire when it comes to installation of the required thrusters. Regardless of whether you need tunnel or retractable thrusters, you can be guaranteed we will get quality guaranteed thrusters installed into your vessel.

Guaranteed Expertise
When looking to install thrusters into your vessel you will have to make a decision on which thrusters to select. This will be dependent on a few factors. These factors include the size of your vessel, the use of it, and the power you desire to get out of your thrusters. We offer you the much-needed expertise you require to choose the right thrusters for your water vessel. Regardless of its size, wind area, or even its use, we are able to efficiently calculate its required thrust power and offer you the right solution to your vessel’s needs.

Installation Capabilities
We offer you the best in marine installation of  bow and stern thrusters. To get the best out of your boat’s maneuvering abilities you will need to have the
thrusters installed at just the right depth and hull length. Our onboard marine experts not only calculate the thrust power to weight ratio to give you the right thrusters but also calculate the right position for your preferred thrusters. Note that getting both the bow and stern thrusters gives you better control over your vessel than only one of these thrusters. Improve your maneuvering abilities by taking control of your vessel with thrusters.

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