Steering Systems

Steering Systems Installation ServicesMaintaining the performance and reliability of your vessel’s steering system is essential to your safety and enjoyment while boating. Reliable steering systems work as they should year after year, and are sometimes overlooked until there is a problem.  We recommend servicing your steering system annually to ensure it is trouble-free.  Our technicians conduct a thorough inspection and servicing of key maintenance points.  Ensuring your steering system is smooth and responsive is our priority.

Your hydraulic steering system is made up of 3 primary components which are the pump with oil reservoir, a ram which is connected to your rudder or outboard engine, and the connecting lines that transmit the controls from the steering pump to the steering ram.  We inspect and service the elements within each of the steering system’s 3 primary components.  We complete replacement of seals, flushing and replacement of hydraulic steering fluid and oil, and replacing hoses and connectors to make sure your vessel’s steering system is good to go.

What We Offer

Starlight Marine Servicesprovides routine and emergency service of your marine hydraulic, electrical, and pneumatic systems. Preventative maintenance and servicing of your thrusters, stabilizers, and steering systems can enhance…
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Starlight Marine Services specializes in the commissioning, installation, servicing, and repairing of marine hydraulic, electrical, and pneumatic systems…
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Servicing and repairing the hydraulic outboard steering system of your vessel is essential to make sure you are safe and comfortable when on the water…
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